You are our client if:

You want to find a reliable supplier of timber in Ukraine.

In our "Market" section, you can find the products of our company and our partners, who have been working in the lumber market for a long time and proved themselves as reliable, financially stable suppliers. We can as well make a pre-selection and evaluation of potential suppliers for you. We organize visits to factories.

You want to control the quality of your purchased products in Ukraine.

Company AdonisWood service is ready to provide services to third parties and to ensure quality control and product sizes according to customer requirements. In this case, you can be sure about the quality of the goods and resolve any issues regarding quality before the goods will be delivered to your warehouse.

You want to have a reliable representative or agent of your company in Ukraine.

We can be representatives of your company on the Ukrainian market with fixed budget and carry out all functions of the Executive Office. Or act as an exclusive purchasing agent on a commission basis, in accordance with the agency agreement. Such forms of cooperation will significantly save you money.

You want to check your supplier’s reliability and financial stability.

It is enough to make a request with the name of the enterprise, and our experts will provide you with full information about the reliability of your partner. We will help you find out whether your partner is under bankruptcy or court proceedings, whether the enterprise has a tax debt, and other data that will help you make a decision about further cooperation with your partner.

You want to invest in the production of lumber in Ukraine.

If you want to invest in projects of lumber industry, our company is ready to provide a professional consultation. Our help will make your business grow more efficiently and accurately, whether you want to buy a wood-processing factory or buy a forest land.


Adonis was founded in 1993 and developed in different industries.

In the last five years the main activities included woodworking, metalworking, consulting and trading. In the "market" section you will find the products of our company and our partners.

Technical and commercial departments of AdonisWood service collaborate with over 100 Ukrainian sawmills and furniture factories, which will allow you to find the best offers for price and quality.

Our competence and close cooperation with our customers and vendors is our main strength.



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